Overview HELP

What is Voipay?
VoiPay allows you to make phone calls using your phone OR your PC (similar to Skype) billed securely via credit card. Simple and discreet.


Making calls HELP

Where can I use VoiPay?
VoiPay works anywhere in the world using your PC (similar to Skype) - or you can use your phone using one of the local access numbers provided.

Should I use a headset?
Like Skype, calls work fine using your PC’s in built speaker and microphone, however we recommend using a headset / microphone. These are extremely cheap and readily available online.

How do I change the audio settings when calling via my PC?
You need to ensure that the correct speaker and microphone are selected - click here for further details.

Why is there no phone number for my country?
We are constantly growing the list of international phone numbers provided - if there isn’t one for your country then you should use your PC (similar to Skype).

How much does a phone call cost?
If you choose to use your phone rather than your PC then the phone call is either free of charge or charged at the same rate as a standard phone call. The service is billed via credit card.

How will calls show on my phone bill?
They will show as a standard call to a standard number.

What sites is VoiPay available on?
The list of sites using VoiPay is growing rapidly - you can use your VoiPay account wherever you see the VoiPay logo.


Billing HELP

How much does the service cost?
The credits per minute are clearly displayed once you have logged in. All call charges are rounded up to the nearest minute.

Is this a subscription service?
No. You only get charged for the credits you add yourself. No charges will ever be made to your card without your consent. This is a pay-as-you-go service.

Are my credit card and personal details safe?
Yes, absolutely. We have partnered with CCBill for processing all credit card transactions - one of the largest credit card processing companies in the world. We do not store your credit card details.

How will charges appear on my card statement?
Charges will show discreetly as CCBill on your card statement. CCBill process transactions for a wide variety of online merchants.

Which credit / debit cards do you accept?
Via our payment process, CCBill, we accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Diners. We do not accept American Express.

How can I see how much I have spent?
Once logged in you can clearly see all the calls you have made, together with all the charges which have been made to your credit card.


Troubleshooting HELP

I am having issues with VoiPay when using Firefox on a Mac.
There are currently some minor issues with the combination of Flash Player, Firefox and Mac OS X. We are working hard to get this fixed quickly. In the meantime, please use either Safari or Chrome (recommended) when using VoiPay.

I click "Call Now" but nothing happens.
You need to be running Flash Player v10.3 and above. Download and install the latest Flash Player by clicking here.

VoiPay looks broken on Internet Explorer 7
We do not support Internet Explorer 7. You should upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Chrome (recommended) when using VoiPay.