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Premium rate telephony re-imagined

Add global access, VoIP and credit card billing to your existing premium telephony service. VoiPay takes care of billing - and routes calls to your telephony platform. Generate incremental revenue from callers anywhere, anytime. That’s it. Simple.

Simple integration

Configure your DDI / DID, add a few lines of HTML to your site and voila.

Global access

Callers use a browser-based VoIP phone, or their telephone, to call a local access number - and choose to pay by phone (premium rate call) or credit card (standard rate or toll-free call). Anyone, anywhere can reach you anytime - a whole new revenue stream.

Multi-currency billing

Configure the amount your callers pay per minute. Callers pay by phone or credit card in their local currency. High risk and low risk credit card processing is available. We pay you monthly. Pricing »

Analytics and reporting

Real time graphical reporting tells you how much you’re earning - and detailed analytics tell you how you’re earning it.

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